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My Comments on Other Blogs (PAGE 1)

Here are links to some blogs I've commented on. My comments are those by the nick Annoyed Pinoy. They are generally listed chronologically (give or take a few days or months) starting with the most recent. I'm still in the process of posting them (there may be some duplicates).

This is the FIRST PAGE. The SECOND PAGE can be accessed

What do unbelievers live for?

The agony and the ecstasy

Why God Would Perform Partial, Gradual, And Other Lesser Miracles

51 Biblical Proofs Of A Pauline Papacy And Ephesian Primacy

Circuit breaker

Pope or antipope? Let's flip a coin

Why Miracles Aren't More Documented

A false Euthyphro dilemma

The ‘Rule of Faith’ and the New Testament Canon

A token grief

Psychosomatic Miracles?

Can singles cheat?

Already, and not yet

Wintery Knight on Van Til

The Healing Of Amputees

Clash of the Titans

How Many People Claim To Have Witnessed A Miracle?

Dreams and visions

White men can't jump

Extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims

"Unconditional eternal security"

The deeper we dig

Ascribed status
Serendipitous savant


Is the future open?

On the Origin of Everything

Resources on transcendental theism

Olson's false dichotomy

Reefer madness

The Cause And Cure Of Earthquakes

He is the true God

Gullibility, Rebellion, or ...?

A Response to Eastern Orthodoxy

More About First-Century Manuscripts

Stirring Up the Amillennial Beehive

The grass is always greener...


The End Of Infidelity

William Lane Craig: "Christian belief is not based on the historical evidence."

The first rule of Arminian ethics: ethics don't apply to Arminians

Polygamy Is Condemned By Scripture And Patristic Christianity

Dishonoring Christ

Krishna's harem

A mind at the end of its tether

Infidels on the run

The Bible Is the Word of God Debate - Opening Statements

Loving annilationism

Hating the hateful

The single best thing you can do for your health

Beckwith, Hitch, and the Foundations of Morality

An Interview With Craig Keener On Miracles

"Is Craig a fideist?"

God, Math, and the Multiverse

God is great

The Arminian inferno

Peter's denials

Why Isn't Messianic Prophecy More Detailed?

Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins

Casting lots

Why pray?

Arminian equivocations

Permission and prevention

Craig Keener's Work On Miracles Is Out

Betting on a stacked deck

Randal Rauser v. Jag Levak

The End of Christianity

Summary and review of Craig/Law debate

The Immaturity Of Christian Radio

Till Dementia Do Us Part

Is Hell Part of the Gospel?

Casting a wide net

Divine, Demonic, Or Something Else?

Reinventing Calvin

Fork in the river

The river of time

Threats and promises

Be careful what you wish for

Justification by Faith Alone


"Biblical chronology"

Athens and Jerusalem

The Credibility And Commonality Of Near-Death Experiences

Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?

Split-personality narcissist

Missing links

"We Are Aunicornism"


Turning from Rome

"Foolish nonsense"

The Dale follies

The Power of Being Debt Free

Many antichrists have come

Dialogue with James, aka Annoyed Pinoy (Trinity Versus Christ)

Do we need a "Trinity verse"?

Does the outsider test pass the outsider test?

Interviews With Some Paranormal Researchers

OT honor-killings?

Trust & Obey

How Universalism Gets Everyone Out of Hell . . . And Heaven

Rapture blues

The one true Islamic sect


Are you a heretic?


Dead men tell no tales

Jerry Walls's Argument Against Calvinism

"Inspired errors"

Risk factors in suicide

I harmonised the Gospel accounts of the Resurrection

Craig's conundrum

Near-Death Experiences

One angel or two?

Undesigned coincidences

Roger Olson's morally warped penology

Life's a bitch, then you die!

The Endless Faith

Counterfactual damnation


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

The tree of life

Gluttony, the Third Rail in Evangelicalism

Can you imagine Roger Ebert...

God's orchard

Does ice cream melt in hell?

Helping John Loftus understand theodicy

Infidel action figure (brain not included)

The law is not of faith

Living life to the max

A theology of feelings

When in doubt

A problem with arguments from poor design

Off with their heads!

Like shooting fish in a barrel

Dying young and living large

Hansel & Gretel apologetics

The Forbidden City

Any steeples in Peoples?

Words of light and life

Bluffing death

The Last Enemy

Saying good-bye

Preliminary review of Horton's systematic theology

OT hell

Flying pigs

What Should Christians Make Of UFOs?

Till death do us part?

Self-denial and self-preservation

How mere is "mere Christianity"?

The irrelevance of evidence to atheism

Charity for me, but not for thee!

Rabbit ears

The life of the mother

Paint-by-numbers piety

Fictive evil

The All-seeing Watchmaker

Preaching the gospel

"33,000 Protestant denominations"

The human face of God

The fate of Judas

Typology And Simplistic Skepticism

Craig, Calvinism, and Molinism

Brainless Atheism

Neal on TCD

A Reply To John Loftus On Chapter 4 Of The Christian Delusion

Religious trends

James Anderson on Sola Scriptura

A Poor Man's Delilah

Childlike Dependence On A Church Hierarchy

Providence & evil


The Argonautica

The temptation of Adam

The authorship of Hebrews

Disturbing possible side-effects of conditional security

Loving the damned

Deduction, Induction, TAG and Certainty

Answering back to Arminians

Clark Quick Quote

Science and Health with Key to the Scripturalists

Van Til, Bahnsen, Logic and TAG

On councils and scriptures

"Abba! Father!"


Rightly using the ordinary means of grace

Lourdes & Fatima

Catholicism and restorationism

Principles of sola Scriptura

Water seeks its own level

The "Anomalies" Of Papias

Water seeks its own level

What's an internal critique?

The Immaculate Conception

The Nature Of Biblical Prophecy Fulfillment

Is religion maladaptive?

Empirical evidence for God

"Refutation of James White"

Are there few that be saved?

Clarkian confusions

Gut-reactive theological method

Reppert on retribution

The skeptical conundrum

Twisse on supralapsarianism

Whence then Calvinism?

Worshiping Dr. Manhattan

In God's nursery

Home sweet home

The sin unto death

Better to love and lose than never love at all

Jesus Christ Superstar

Kicking at the goads

"Worse than Hitler"

Freakasaurus, One Million Years B.C.

Life in the face of death

Petitionary prayer and accidental necessity

Giving the devil his due

Placebos & cures

The Good Samaritan

Fair as the moon

The neo-Manicheans

Channeling the dark side

Better to love and lose than never love at all

The Mismeasure of Man


Is God the cause of evil?

The authorship of Adam's sin

Why I'm a "Calminian" by Craig Blomberg

The noseeum assumption

A Common Error Among Calvinists - Rationalism At Its Worst

Michael Medved Is Wrong About Polygamy

Open Letter to a World of

Paul's Conversion

"Hell, Calvinism, and those wretched Dwarfs"

Cogent Arguments

The Death of Christian Apologetics

Adam & Eve as mulattos

On Recent Debate Losses to William Lane Craig


Love Lost

Did John Robbins know anything?

Scripturalism's Three-card Monte

Scripturalist Metaphysics of Personhood

Conditional election and apostasy

The fall of Lucifer

You're dethpicable!

Is Scripturalism Scriptural?

The sinful Savior?

A Green Stye

Praying for the past

Vantillian Shadow Boxing – Round One

Reformed cessationism

Miracles: now and then

Reformed historicism or Reformed cessationism?

Praying for the past

The authorship of evil

The ice cream parlor at the edge of the alternate world

Miracles and methodological naturalism

The sinful Savior?

Old-earth creationism

Saving babies or preaching the gospel?

Bell, book, & candle

I Chose to Write This Post

The Naked Public Square

A = A: Rand = Hack Philosopher

Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities: Reviewed

The historicity of Jonah

Bad Intentions

On free will, part 1: a simple argument for divine determinism

Luke's Census

Pest control

Culture Warrior Atheists

Is God's will bifurcated?

Jeremy Pierce on the glory of God

The free offer of the gospel

Probability & Inexcusability

The Mother of Pearly-Gates

Thinking Biblically: A Basic Introduction to Presuppositionalism

Time Present & Time Past

If I make my bed in hell

The lesser of two weevils

Damned if you do, and damned if you don't


"Middle Knowledge, Truth-Makers, and the 'Grounding Objection'"

On the “Appropriate” Apologetic Method

Mary Mnemonic

The only true God

Teach us to number our days

The Flemming-Turk Debate, A Quick Look Back

Gordon Clark-1

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