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Critiques of Clarkianism and Scripturalism

The following are links to critiques of Clarkianism and Scripturalism (the unique theology, philosophy, and apologetical approach of Gordon H. Clark). Some of the better known Clarkians are John W. Robbins, W. Gary Crampton and Sean Gerety. Vincent Cheung is a Modified Clarkian and Scripturalist.

In the blogs of Triablogue, sometimes the blog is dedicated to addressing Clarkianism and/or Scripturalism, and other times only in a secondary way. Sometimes the relevant Clarkian/Scripturalist discussion is in the comments section of the blog. Also, because of the Van Til/Clark Controversy some blogs are really about Van Til's theology/apologetics but mention Clark in a secondary sense. However, I want to make it clear that there are many blogs at Triablogue that are devoted to Van Til's theology/apologetics which are very interesting but aren't included in the following list of links because they don't significantly interact with Clarkianism/Scripturalism. Remember also that Scripturalists sometimes disagree on specifics. For example, Vincent Cheung could be considered a "Modified Clarkian Scripturalist". Also, unlike most Clarkians who are cessationists, Cheung is a continuationist with regard to the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit. Finally, realize that some blogs are for the purpose of humor and are to be taken tongue-in-cheek rather than taken seriously.

I created this blog for two reasons:

1. To highlight the problems with Clarkianism and Scripturalism so that Christians won't continue making the mistakes that Clarkian Scripturalists are making, and

2. So that Christians can better separate the good from the bad in Clarkian apologetics. There is much good in Clarkian and modified-Clarkian apologetics. The problem is that the good is mixed in with the bad. This blog is meant to help sift the wheat from the chaff so that Christians can more effectively defend the Christian faith in a way that doesn't ultimately undermine it.

Papers by Aquascum On Scripturalism

see especially:    A Response to Vincent Cheung

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God, the Author of Sin and Metaphysical Distanciation:A Brief Rebuttal of Vincent's Cheung Theodicy
(This critique seems to be written by Daniel H. Chew who is himself a Scripturalist. He uses the middle initial "H" at the website homepage HERE. This might be the same Daniel Chew mentioned by Steve Hays at and by Drake Shelton.)

More critiques of Vincent Cheung by Daniel Chew at his blog. These are blogposts with the label "Vincent Cheung":

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