Monday, November 18, 2013

The Argument from Reason

The following are some video introductions to the "Argument from Reason" or variations on it, or to related arguments like EAAN. These arguments have been critiqued by atheists and skeptics. While they may have shown some of the weakness of the arguments, the fact remains that given atheistic naturalism and materialism, it's more probable than not that evolution has not resulted in our having mental faculties that can truly reason to truth or resulted in sensory organs that accurately perceive its environment.

The Circularity of Evolutionary Reliabilism

Two Senses of ‘Reliability’ in Evolutionary Epistemology

What is the Argument from Reason?
Can Atheists Trust Their Own Minds?
by William Lane Craig

 The Argument from Reason
by David Wood

Darwin's Doubt: Can Atheists Trust Their Own Minds?
by Ken Samples

Why No One Believes Atheism/Naturalism is True

An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism
by Alvin Plantinga

Some Articles and Blogs:

Why belief in God casts doubt on all atheistic beliefs

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