Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Scientific Evidence for the Christian Faith - Hugh Ross, PhD

Scientific Evidence for the Christian Faith

While I like him and his personality, one of my criticisms of Hugh Ross is that he often makes logical leaps in his argumentation. He doesn't have a philosopher's ability to make precise and modest claims that remain within the bounds of the actual evidence. Nevertheless, his fellow scientists who also happen to be atheists affirm Ross' informed and well rounded understanding of science in the related fields of his expertise (i.e. astrophysics). Because of that, the evidence he does present for design in the universe has some merit and weight. The above is just one of many lectures on YouTube where he presents some of the evidence.

Another staff member of Reasons to Believe, Fazale Rana, is able make careful arguments. Here's a link to a blog where many of the articles and podcasts are by Fazale Rana.

Latest Scientific Evidence for God's Existence
by Hugh Ross given 1/18/2014

 Hugh Ross vs Victor Stenger - Scientific arguments for a Creator?
Debate recorded at the 2008 Skeptics Society Conference entitled 'Origins and the Big Questions'.

Fine-Tuning for Life in the Universe by Hugh Ross

The Big Bang, Multiverses, and the Anthropic Principle Discussed by William Lane Craig

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