Thursday, March 6, 2014

Christian Responses to Ayn Rand

Today, March 6th marks the anniversary of Ayn Rand's death (1982).

Here are some Christian responses to Rand's philosophy and worldview.

The Ethics of Ayn Rand Appreciation and Critique by John Piper

Atlas Shrugged Fifty Years Later Appreciation and Criticism by John Piper

Ayn Rand's Tragic Trajectory by John Piper (audio, 12 min.)

The Philosophy of Ayn Rand Refuted by John Robbins (audio, 128 min.)
Robbins is a Clarkian Scripturalists and is therefore part of a fringe group of Calvinists. So, some of the things he teaches is controversial among Calvinists.

Is Ayn Rand a Good Philosopher? Rand on the Primacy of Existence by Bill Vallicella

There are many insightful blogs directly or indirectly addressing Rand's philosophy at Triablogue. They include critiques of Objectivism.

To do a search go to and type in "" in the  site or domain field. See the picture below.

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