Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Top Ten Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet

or, 50 Reasons Why You Should Reject Muhammad's Prophethood

David Wood and Sam Shamoun are among the leading Christian apologists dealing with Islam. Here are links to some of their many informative videos. In the series below of why Muhammad is not a prophet they list some reasons which I believe they shouldn't use or should make sure to properly qualify because they can backfire on Christianity itself. In the future I'll update this blog to include some of those reasons which I think they either shouldn't use or should properly qualify. For the meantime, here is Sam Shamoun and David Wood on how they account for Violence in the Old Testament.

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David and Sam have many more videos on YouTube including many debates with Muslims on various topics. Here's the Acts17Apologetics YouTube channel link. There are many other channels by other YouTube broadcasters who host their videos and debates. Just do a YouTube search for more.

-Answering Muslims website where David Wood blogs on Islamic issues.

More Recommended Videos
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Who Killed Muhammad?

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