Friday, April 11, 2014

Book of Ecclesiastes Resources from a Christian Perspective

The book of Ecclesiastes is a fascinating book both to Christians and non-Christians. Including (and especially to) atheists. The following are some resources on the book of Ecclesiastes from the Christian perspective. But before the links, here's a YouTube video of The Byrds singing their hit song based on Ecclesiastes.

Turn! Turn! Turn! by The Byrds
(Live version opens in another tab by clicking HERE)

 R.C. Sproul's Five Part class [audio] lessons on the book of Ecclesiastes

R.C. Sproul's audio lecture on the book of Ecclesiastes from his Dust to Glory series.
[See also my blog on Sproul's series Dust to Glory HERE]'s mp3s on the book of Ecclesiastes's Sermon Manuscripts and Commentaries on the book of Ecclesiastes

The Linguistic Evidence for the Date of "Ecclesiastes" by the late G. L. Archer, Ph. D.

"Everything Is Vapor": Grasping for Meaning Under the Sun by A.B. Caneday

The Message of Ecclesiastes - Living Presently by Paul Helm

Ecclesiastes and the New Testament by Paul Helm

Alister Begg [audio] sermons on Ecclesiastes

Kenneth L. Gentry sermons on Ecclesiastes

Nigel Styles Video Interview on Ecclesiastes (15 min)

Ecclesiastes by Charles H. Welch (pdf or html)
(This work is instructive despite Welch's Hyper-Dispensationalism)

There are many sermons/lessons/lectures on the the book of Ecclesiastes at the SermonAudio website. Here's a sample of such sermons and series of sermons.

David Silversides series on Ecclesiastes

Philip Ryken series on Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes: The Joy of Life by Joe Morecraft III

Ecclesiastes by Dan Olinger (from his series Apologetics: Answering Seekers)

Sample of blogs on Triablogue that directly or indirectly touch on
 the book or themes of Ecclesiastes

Biblical "fatalism"

The gathering darkness

Vanity of vanities

Solomonic authorship of Ecclesiastes

Time, like an ever-rolling stream

The race is not to the swift

The Last Enemy

The Dark Night of the Soul

The seasons of life

 All good things must end

The world is not enough

Some Classic Commentaries on Ecclesiastes

John Gill's comments on the book (or HERE)

Jamieson, Faussett & Brown comments on the book (or HERE)

Adam Clarke's comments on the book (or HERE)