Monday, May 12, 2014

Closer to Truth Interviews of Special Interests to Christians

All of the interviews at Closer to Truth are both informative and fascinating. However, some should be of special interest to Christians since Closer to Truth is not a Christian website, and most of the interviews are of notable Non-Christians. If the links eventually die, here's the link to the main website:
Most of the videos have longer and shorter versions.

Here is a sample of some of those interviews that should be of interest to Christians.

Robin Collins (Christian philosopher trained in physics)

William Lane Craig (world renowned Christian philosopher, theologian and apologist)

Oliver Crisp (Christian theologian)

William Dembski (Christian mathematician, philosopher and noted Intelligent Design proponent)|

Thomas Flint (Catholic philosopher and noted propounder of Molinism)

David Hunt (the Christian philosopher not to be confused with Dave Hunt of The Berean Call ministry)

J.P. Moreland (Christian philosopher)

Alvin Plantinga

Alister McGrath

Richard Swinburne

John Polkinghorne

Francis S. Collins

Francisco J. Ayala

Peter Van Inwagen

Frank J. Tipler

Robert L. Saucy

Brian Leftow

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