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Scientific Evidence Against Materialism

My knowledge of science is very limited, but according to many who do understand modern science, there is scientific evidence that seriously calls into question or even refutes materialism. I don't vouch for the complete accuracy of the scientific statements made in these videos. But I do assume their general accuracy regarding the data (even if not always stated as precisely as they could be).

The following videos document some of these evidences. By the way, I don't necessarily agree with all of the conclusions these videos make. Whether they are the scientific conclusions or (and especially) the theological conclusions. For example, some of the Christian authors assume the truth of divine idealism and Christian panentheism. Though, I am open to divine idealism and a Christian version of panentheism, I don't currently subscribe to them. At the very least these videos are thought provoking and seriously call into question materialism/naturalism.

 The Incompatibility of Physicalism with Physics: A Conversation with Dr. Bruce Gordon

In this video Bruce Gordon argues for the incompatibility of physicalism with modern physics and in the end favors some sort of Quantum Idealism. During the Questions & Answers portion of the webinar (at 1:31:11) a question I submitted earlier was answered and Dr. Gordon ends up mentioning popularizer Johanan Raatz and says he has both agreements and disgreements with Raatz. He even mentions InspiringPhilosophy's Youtube channel's videos on the topic as well. I've linked to some of both InspiringPhilosophy's and Raatz's videos below.

[Why] Quantum Physics Debunks Materialism

Quantum Physics Debunks Materialism
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Digital Physics Argument for God's Existence

Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment Explained

The Death of Materialism

A Critique of the Many Worlds Interpretation

The Measurement Problem

The Introspective Argument
(video link)

Christianity and Panentheism

The Case for the Soul (Neuroscience)
(video link)

The Case for the Soul: Refuting Physicalist Objections
(video link)

The above videos are from the Christian YouTube channel InspiringPhilosophy. Another Christian channel advocating a Christian version of Quantum Idealism is Johanan Raatz's channel HERE.

Raatz's channel as a lot of videos on the topic. Here's a link to Raatz interviewing J.P. Moreland on the topic:

Here's an example of Raatz's videos on Quantum Idealism

Digital Physics Meets Idealism: The Mental Universe

A Dualist Equivalent to Physics-Based Idealist Apologetics by Johanan Raatz

The above videos are Christian. The following videos below are NON-Christian.

The Simulation Hypothesis

[[update: If I'm not mistaken, Johanan Raatz recently said that the above video "The Simulation Hypothesis" was created by a friend of his (at his request or suggestion). So, it might be created by Christians without directly pointing to Christianity as the ultimate explanation.]]

For another NON-Christian video explaining some of the recent discoveries in science that undermine materialism, see the first 3 1/2 videos in the following link. I say the first 3 1/2 videos because after that it gets into Non-Christian occultic religious views. Even the first 3 1/2 videos have statements and conclusions that don't necessarily follow, even assuming the science is generally accurate.

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This is the link to the non-Christian religious videos I mentioned above

God Is Real…Why modern physics has discredited atheism.
[I can't tell whether the above link is Christian or not.]

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