Friday, April 1, 2016

Flat Earth Refutations

I don't take seriously the idea of a flat Earth. Supposedly there are some interesting arguments in favor of the theory. However, I don't see the need for Christians to argue for a flat Earth. Nothing in the Bible requires it. Also, the arguments I have come across seem very far fetched. So, in my opinion, Christians who defend a flat earth are doing a disservice to Christianity. They are needlessly  creating a stumbling block or obstacle for non-Christians which makes it even more difficult for non-Christians to embrace Christianity. The same goes for those who insist on absolute geocentrism. I find the arguments for geocentrism more plausible than for a flat Earth. However, I don't dogmatically hold to geocentrism for the same reason. Namely, there's no Biblical need to. Having said that I do have a blogpost on the topic here: Quotes in Favor of Geocentrism

The following are links to refutations of a Flat Earth. Some are Christian and others are non-Christian refutations:

Earth is a sphere. Few proofs for the Flat Earth Society

Dr. Jason Lisle DESTROYS Flat Earth NONSENSE! | ICR - Christian Creationism

Blowing up the flat earth

Proving the Earth is not Flat - Part 1 - The Horizon

Soundly Proving the Curvature of the Earth at Lake Pontchartrain

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati -Why the Bible is NOT a Flat Earth Book & Other Discoveries - Awakening Report
[[Sarfati is a well known Young Earth [Christian] Creationist. I lean toward an Old Earth Creationist position]]

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