Sunday, May 19, 2013

The History and Theology of Calvinism" by Dr. Curt Daniel (Downloadable MP3 Messages)

Curt Daniel's classic lectures on Calvinism (75 messages in all).

The lecture topics:
What is Calvinism    
Augustine and Pre-Calvinism    
The Reformation    
John Calvin    
The Spread of Calvinism    
The Synod of Dort    
The Puritans    
The Westminster Assembly    
Covenant Theology    
High Calvinism    
Calvinistic Antinomianism    
18th Century Calvinism    
Jonathan Edwards and New England Calvinism    
The Princeton Theology    
19th Century Calvinism - North-South    
Calvinistic Baptists    
Dutch Calvinism    
Calvinistic Philosophy    
The Theonomy Movement    
20th Century British Calvinism    
20th Century American Calvinism    
The Sovereignty of God    
Objections to Predestination    
The Providence of God    
The Will of God    
Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility    
Prayer and the Sovereignty of God    
The Glory of God    
The Origin of Sin    
Providence and the Problem of Evil    
Original Sin    
Total Depravity    
The Bondage of the Will    
Total Depravity and Human Responsibility    
Unconditional Election    
The Election of Grace    
Election and Foreknowledge    
Election in Christ    
Objections to Election    
The Destiny of the Elect    
Practical Implications of the Doctrine of Election    
The Doctrine of Reprobation    
The Hardening of the Reprobate    
The Desinty of the Reprobate    
Relation of Election and Reprobation    
The Order of the Decrees    
The Election of Angels    
The Election of Dying Infants    
The Destiny of the Unevangelized    
The Covenant of Redemption    
The Active and Passive Obedience of Christ    
The Extent of the Atonement    
Limited Atonement    
Objections to Limited Atonement    
Irresistible Grace    
The New Birth    
The Gift of Faith    
The Order of Salvation    
Common Grace    
Preservation of the Saints - part 1    
Preservation of the Saints - part 2    
Objections to Eternal Security    
The Reformed Doctrine of Scripture    
The Two Natures of Christ    
The Reformed Doctrine of the Church    
The Reformed Doctrine of Communion    
Reformed Evangelism    
Practical Implications of Calvinism    
The Future of Calvinism    
An Introduction to Calvinism

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