Tuesday, May 7, 2013

William Webster's Resources on Catholicism and the Gospel

William Webster has many fine articles and audio lessons in defense of Evangelicalism against Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy which can be accessed here: http://www.christiantruth.com

The direct link to his audio files can be accessed here: http://www.christiantruth.com/audiolectures.php

They include his 16 part series on "Roman Catholic Tradition: It's Roots and Evolution"; and 5 part series on "The Gospel: The Heart of God's Message."

Link to his articles can be accessed here: http://www.christiantruth.com/articles.php

Just two example of his fine articles are:
 An Ecumenical Council Officially Condemns a Pope for Heresy

 The Canon: Why the Roman Catholic Arguments for the Canon are Spurious

William Webster interviewed by Lee Meckley

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