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Near Death Experiences and Christianity

Some links to resources that directly or indirectly deal with Near Death Experiences from a Christian
perspective. Sometimes the discussion is in the comments section rather than main body of a blog.

Non-Christians who believe in the genuineness of the NDE as indicating the reality of the persistence of consciousness after death and to an afterlife often argue that the NDE data disproves Christianity. As a Christian I have to ask the following: Does the data point away from Christianity? Or does the data merely not point toward Christianity? The latter is consistent with the truth of Christianity, while the former would seems to militate against the truth of Christianity. Even if some (or most) of the evidence points away from Christianity, that would not necessary disprove Christianity since what is actually going on in NDEs isn't clear. At the most, what the data does seems to clearly demonstrate is that human consciousness is not tied up with the human brain. And thus suggesting the reality of something like the concept of the soul or spirit of human beings.

Links from Triablogue
(listed chronologically)

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Sense And Nonsense About Heaven And Hell

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Why Would A Non-Christian Have A Positive Near-Death Experience

Drain bamage

Unexpected Miracles

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Evaluating NDEs

Hellish Near-Death Experiences

Dream-Like Aspects Of Near-Death Experiences

The Credibility And Commonality Of Near-Death Experiences

The Moral Dimension Of Near-Death Experiences

An Evangelical View Of Near-Death Experiences And Related Phenomena

Suppression Of The More Dream-Like Aspects Of Near-Death Experiences

Further Thoughts On The Moral Aspect Of Near-Death Experiences

Beauregard on NDEs

Luke 16, 2 Corinthians 12, And Near-Death Experiences

Susan Blackmore's OBE

People Raised From The Dead In Modern Times

Following Breadcrumbs Through The Woods

A Neurosurgeon’s Near Death Experience

NDEs and the argument from religious experience

Suicide: "You've got to go back"

Déjà vu

Erasing death

Be Honest About Your Life

Be Prepared To Address Paranormal Phenomena

The gay part of "gay marriage"

Interpreting Old-Hag syndrome

Near-Death Experiences In The News

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Reporting miracles

J. Steve Miller on Near-Death Experiences

Rat nirvana

"Heaven is for real"

Hellish NDEs

When heaven is hell

"90 Minutes in Heaven"

I Disagree With John Piper About Near-Death Experiences

Interpreting NDEs

Is Heaven is for Real a hoax?

Habermas on NDEs

Tom McCall on NDEs

Potential Christian Explanations Of Near-Death Experiences

Patricia Pearson's Opening Heaven's Door

Why You Should Be Prepared To Address Paranormal Experiences

"Needing To Fend Off The Evangelicals"

Playing football with NDEs

Sifting visions


The Negative And Subjective Side Of Near-Death Experiences

Some other related links on Triablogue:

Apparitions and deadbed visions

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Links from Apologetics315

Book Review: Near-Death Experiences as Evidence for the Existence of God and Heaven by J. Steve Miller

 Interview: J. Steve Miller on Near-Death Experiences

 Near-Death Experiences: Evidence for an Afterlife? - Gary Habermas MP3 Audio

Gary Habermas on Infidel Guy Radio Show MP3 Audio

Christians interviewed at the Non-Christian Skeptiko podcast show on the topic of NDEs

Gary Habermas

J. Steve Miller

Michael S. Heiser

Gary Habermas Audio on NDEs   (lectures and debates)

There's an ever growing list of resources on the topic at Habermas' website:

Here's a link to some of them:

Near Death Experiences: Empirically Verifiable Aspects
Radio Interview: The Sci Phi Show, Outcast #65 - Australia - Jason Rennie
Date: June 19, 2008
PART I (5MB) :|: PART II (5MB)

Near-Death Experiences: Evidence for an Afterlife?
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo | Veritas Forum
2003 | Also Available at
PART I (8MB) :|: PART II (9MB) [MP3 files]
By Permission:

Radio Dialog: Near Death Experiences, Dr. Habermas vs. Keith Augustine
(Executive Director, Internet Infidels)
PART I (3MB) :|: PART II (4MB) :|: PART III (4MB) [MP3 files]
From "The Things That Matter Most" live radio program
Interviewers Rick Davis and Aaron Edwards - 700 AM KSEV, Houston, TX

Near Death Experiences as Empirical Evidence Against Naturalism
PART I (6MB) :|: PART II (7MB) [wave files]
Lecture given at the Apologetics Interfaith Evangelism Conference
April 7, 2006, Woodland Hills Baptist Church, Asheville, North Carolina

Death, the Afterlife, and Near Death Experiences
PART I (3MB) :|: PART II (3MB) [MP3 files]
From the "Big Questions" live radio program provided by Winsome Media

Non-Christian Links

The Science of Near-Death Experiences

Recommended Links:

Evidence and Arguments Against Materialism and Naturalism

Sleep Paralysis, Old Hag Syndrome and Alien Abductions

UFOs and Christianity

Alleged Visions, Dreams and Visitations of Jesus to Muslims

Links on the Subject of Miracles in the Context of Craig Keener's Recent Book

Charismata Matters

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