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Sleep Paralysis, Old Hag Syndrome and Alien Abductions

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Sleep Paralysis



Alien Abduction

Out-of-body experience

Near-death experience

Christian Perspectives

I'm personally convinced that what people call sleep paralysis, hypnagogic states and hypnopompic trances are sometimes merely physical and other times have their ultimate source in demonic attacks. The same thing with the experience of alien abductions. When it comes to out of body experiences, I believe that sometimes they are hallucinations and other times real experiences of the soul "leaving the body" (either induced by demons, by some other non-malevolent cause or by death).

It is commonly believed by non-Christians that whatever the cause (or causes) of  Old Hag Syndrome and the similar experience of "alien abductions" are, that those experiences are very difficult if not nearly impossible to be stopped. However, there are hundreds of cases where both types of experiences have been stopped by calling on the name of Jesus. This suggests that in many instances something spiritual is the source rather than something physical.

The following are some resources from a Christian perspective. is a Christian website that provides evidence and arguments for why the alien abduction phenomenon is usually demonic. The website has articles, videos and testimonies. Videos

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UFOs and Christianity

Some resources on Old Hag Syndrome and Sleep Paralysis
Sleep Paralysis: A Modern Connection to an Ancient Evil
by Michael Tatar, Jr.
Michael Tatar's website Stop Sleep Paralysis

How To Stop Sleep Paralysis - Old Hag Syndrome
(excerpts from the book  Sleep Paralysis: What It Is and How To Stop It by Chris White)

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Miracles: now and then

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