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Christian Responses to Christ Myth Theories


Jesus vs. Mithra

Jesus vs. Horus

Jesus vs. Dionysus

Jesus vs. Serapis

Jesus vs. Krishna

Jesus vs. Attis

Horus Ruins Christmas

Did Jesus Really Exist? (or HERE)
by J. P. Holding

Jesus rising from the dead - pagan myths? 
by Mike Licona (1)

The Christ Myth - Was Jesus a Pagan Copycat?
by J.P. Holding

Was the Resurrection Story of Jesus borrowed from Pagan Mythology?
from CARM

Was Jesus a Myth? Part 1 of  the Debate between
James White and Dan Barker

What About Pre-Christ Resurrection Myths?
by William Lane Craig

Was the story of Jesus rising from the dead borrowed from pagan myths?

Was Jesus a Copycat of Pagan Myths?


Zeitgeist Refuted Final Cut (Full Movie)
( I don't know how accurate or scholarly the above response to the Zeitgeist movie is)

Jesus and Pagan Mythology Q & A with William Lane Craig (question #90)

Did Christianity Steal from Mystery Religions? 
by Lenny Esposito (MP3 Audio )

Essay: Christianity and Other Ancient Religions by Stephen J. Bedard

 Were Bible stories and characters stolen from pagan myths?
by J.P. Holding

The Price of Playing with a Bulldog: The Case Againt the Case Against the Case for Christ
by J.P. Holding

 Mithra vs. Jesus
by J.P. Holding

Randel Helms' "Gospel Fictions": A Critique

Good question......was Jesus Christ just a CopyCat Savior Myth?
Part A and Part B
by Glenn Miller (website)

Is Jesus a Rank-Raglan Myth-Hero? (Or is Carrier a Scholar-Legend?)

Krishna & Christ

Easter: Myth, Hallucination, or History?

Undermining Richard Carrier's version of the Christ Myth Hypothesis

I [Richard Carrier] still find many of his [Robert Price's] claims under-documented and his arguments often weaker than they need to be, his methods are often a cipher, and he is bad at clarifying (e.g. he will defend many different mutually-contradictory theories without explaining what we are supposed to conclude from the fact that he does that, such as whether he thinks they are all equally likely or whether he thinks some are more likely than others but that all are more likely than historicity, or if he even thinks they are more likely than historicity rather than only just as likely or unlikely but likely enough to be uncertain of historicity, etc.; and that’s not the only confusion Price will lead you into, it’s just the one that I often notice the most). He also never thoroughly defends a single coherent theory of Christian origins, making him a moving target for critics (contrast with Doherty, who does a generally good job at this, and is the best mythicist to read, although he still stubbornly falls short of dissertation quality argumentation and just complains when I say that rather than trying to work out how to formulate and document arguments in a way that would pass a fair peer review–such as learning to stop crowding strong arguments with weak arguments, and instead drop the weak arguments and just shore up the strong arguments).

I [Bart Ehrman] should say that one of the things that struck me, quite forcefully, in the aftermath of the publication of the book, was just how virulent, mean-spirited, and militant some atheists can be. The hate-mail and hate-response that I received for this book from the far left was absolutely as vehement as the hate-mail and hate-response that I have received for other books from the far right. It’s not easy being a historian, wanting simply to know what happened in the past, when so many have so many vested interests in having things their own way. Many of the mythicists are simply fundamentalists of a different stripe. Or so I’ve experienced!

See also the resources at the following links:

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sleep Paralysis, Old Hag Syndrome and Alien Abductions

Here are links to the Non-Christian Wikipedia articles on:

Sleep Paralysis



Alien Abduction

Out-of-body experience

Near-death experience

Christian Perspectives

I'm personally convinced that what people call sleep paralysis, hypnagogic states and hypnopompic trances are sometimes merely physical and other times have their ultimate source in demonic attacks. The same thing with the experience of alien abductions. When it comes to out of body experiences, I believe that sometimes they are hallucinations and other times real experiences of the soul "leaving the body" (either induced by demons, by some other non-malevolent cause or by death).

It is commonly believed by non-Christians that whatever the cause (or causes) of  Old Hag Syndrome and the similar experience of "alien abductions" are, that those experiences are very difficult if not nearly impossible to be stopped. However, there are hundreds of cases where both types of experiences have been stopped by calling on the name of Jesus. This suggests that in many instances something spiritual is the source rather than something physical.

The following are some resources from a Christian perspective. is a Christian website that provides evidence and arguments for why the alien abduction phenomenon is usually demonic. The website has articles, videos and testimonies. Videos

Here are links to my blogs on:

UFOs and Christianity

Some resources on Old Hag Syndrome and Sleep Paralysis
Sleep Paralysis: A Modern Connection to an Ancient Evil
by Michael Tatar, Jr.
Michael Tatar's website Stop Sleep Paralysis

How To Stop Sleep Paralysis - Old Hag Syndrome
(excerpts from the book  Sleep Paralysis: What It Is and How To Stop It by Chris White)

Steve Hays blogs related to Old Hag Syndrome and the occult:

Bell, book, & candle 

Interpreting Old-Hag syndrome

Miracles: now and then

More related blogs by Steve Hays 
(sometimes the relevant material is in the comments section)

UFOs, Ghosts, and a Rising God: Debunking the Resurrection of Jesus

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Things that go bump in the night

Animal clairvoyance

Ave Maria

 What Should Christians Make Of UFOs?

 A mind at the end of its tether


 Quest for the historical atheist

 Ne'er shaw yir teeth unless ye can bite!”

Both Steve Hays and the other bloggers at Triablogue have written much more on the topic of the occult and the paranormal. Click the Label links below to access more of them.

For a more thorough search go to and type "" in the "site or domain:" field.
Make sure to leave out "http://www." and only type "". 

Then type in keywords like "occult", "paranormal" (etc.) in the "any of these words:" field.

Related blog posts of mine:

Evidence and Testimonies of Demonic and Angelic Encounters

Links on the Subject of Miracles in the Context of Craig Keener's Recent Book

Recommended Resources on Divine Healing

Testimonies of the Supernatural Among Respected Christian Leaders

Evidence and Arguments Against Materialism and Naturalism

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Top Ten Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet

or, 50 Reasons Why You Should Reject Muhammad's Prophethood

David Wood and Sam Shamoun are among the leading Christian apologists dealing with Islam. Here are links to some of their many informative videos. In the series below of why Muhammad is not a prophet they list some reasons which I believe they shouldn't use or should make sure to properly qualify because they can backfire on Christianity itself. In the future I'll update this blog to include some of those reasons which I think they either shouldn't use or should properly qualify. For the meantime, here is Sam Shamoun and David Wood on how they account for Violence in the Old Testament.

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David and Sam have many more videos on YouTube including many debates with Muslims on various topics. Here's the Acts17Apologetics YouTube channel link. There are many other channels by other YouTube broadcasters who host their videos and debates. Just do a YouTube search for more.

-Answering Muslims website where David Wood blogs on Islamic issues.

More Recommended Videos
(clicking a link below will open a new browser tab)

Who Killed Muhammad?

Related links:

The Greatest Murder Machine in History By Mike Konrad

Why the Radical Terrorist Minority of Islam Must Not Be Ignored

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Doomsday Scenarios

According to Christianity the world will never end in such a way that humanity will end up extinct. It teaches that Jesus Christ will one day return to judge the living and the dead and usher in the Kingdom of God. The finer details concerning the return of Jesus and the "end of the world" (as we know it) are disputed among Christians. It is an in-house debate. HERE'S A LINK to one Christian webpage that contains articles from various Christian viewpoints on this topic of eschatology. I recommend starting with the page All Millennial Views. Since the broadest disagreement among Christians on the "End Times" is the issue of the millennium.

While Christianity denies the possibility of human extinction, it doesn't deny the possibility of future worldwide disasters. They have happened in the past and they may happen again. The following are some links to resources on Doomsday Scenarios. Any of the scenarios might happen if God doesn't intervene on time or providentially prevent or minimize it (or them) according to His sovereign plan.
Here's a link to Wikipedia's article on Christian eschatological views.

Wikipedia's article on Doomsday Scenarios

NASA predicts the end of Western civilization


Last Days On Earth (as shown on ABC and The History Channel)

The Discovery Channel's 10 Ways the World Will End

Armageddon: Top Ten Ways to Doomsday

Earth 2100 (the controversial and criticized ABC special)

10 Things That Could Wipe Out Life On Earth  (3 min. video)

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The Absurdity of Life Without God (lecture video) by William Lane Craig

Sermons and Books on Heaven

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Christian Responses to Ayn Rand

Today, March 6th marks the anniversary of Ayn Rand's death (1982).

Here are some Christian responses to Rand's philosophy and worldview.

The Ethics of Ayn Rand Appreciation and Critique by John Piper

Atlas Shrugged Fifty Years Later Appreciation and Criticism by John Piper

Ayn Rand's Tragic Trajectory by John Piper (audio, 12 min.)

The Philosophy of Ayn Rand Refuted by John Robbins (audio, 128 min.)
Robbins is a Clarkian Scripturalists and is therefore part of a fringe group of Calvinists. So, some of the things he teaches is controversial among Calvinists.

Is Ayn Rand a Good Philosopher? Rand on the Primacy of Existence by Bill Vallicella

There are many insightful blogs directly or indirectly addressing Rand's philosophy at Triablogue. They include critiques of Objectivism.

To do a search go to and type in "" in the  site or domain field. See the picture below.